Baling Press Machine

Whether you operate a hotel, warehouse, production unit or a supermarket, you need a baling press machine to compress the recyclable waste material produced on daily basis. This waste management machine is beneficial in saving money, and ensuring health and safety.

Scrap Shear Machine

In metal recycling, scrap shear machine plays a significant role by processing metal scrap by using alloyed steel blades. You only need a levelled firm ground to install this machine.  

Shredder Machine

Shredder Machines we deal in are apt for cutting many types of large objects as well as elastic materials into small pieces. The machines can cut down large-volume input materials by providing a smooth operation.

Briquetting Machine

Creating briquettes from loose agricultural waste is helpful in storage and transportation. This process of compacting can be carried out using briquetting machine that uses pressure compaction process. The resultant briquettes can be used in households as well as industries.

Wire Granulator Machine

Wire Granulator Machine is an essentially rotary grinder, which can scrape many scrap parts into feedstock sized granules for their further reprocessing. The machines work in a safe and cost-effective way.

Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Cable Wire Stripping Machines are made for heavy industrial applications. These are equipped to single core wires, strip wires of copper wires, multi core wires and others. Supplied machines can work in an effective way. 

Hydraulic Baling Press Machine

Hydraulic Baling Press Machine is a compressing appliance, which can work through a hydraulic operation. Both non-ferrous and ferrous materials can be compacted with the hep of the offered machine. 

Cable Drum

The cable drums are round shaped objects of drum structure, which carry several types of wires in them. These are widely utilized to carry fiber optic cables, electric cables, and wire products.

Scrap Baling Press

Scrap Baling Presses are designed for compressing several leftovers, metal structure, metallic chips, and other such material into cuboid bales. The machines provide leakage free operations. The press has mechanical, electric control and hydraulic features for all suited applications. 

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

The Hydraulic Shearing Machines function as advanced industrial tools, apt for cutting metal sheets which are not easy to cut otherwise. Shearing operation of the machines is efficient in different ways. 

Metal Bobbin

Metal Bobbins are known to support thread in automatic sewing systems. They work so well and boast of small and compact size. Supplied metallic structures have long life span and simple use. 

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